Our CSA Offerings

CSA’s are a wonderful way to help support local small farmer’s build financial stability. Thank you for your interest in helping build sustainable, successful small business’ that feed and support our communities in building food sovereignty, and support food justice development.

Shares often change in size through out the season. At the beginning of the season shares are smaller reaching an apex mid-season, then slowly winding down in the fall. CSA shares are a great replacement for a visit to the grocery store and help reduce your decision making while supporting your local farmer. You can rest easy knowing they grew the best, freshest, cleanest food they can just for you and the community!


Your Options

Standard Share – $600 – Average Weekly Value (AWV) of $30 – This share is common family or enthusiastic food preserver sized box of produce that many farms offer. Our box offers 9-12 items a week and depending on the amount of veggie intake this box will food for 2-5 People. We look forward to nourishing you and yours!

Small Share – $400 – AWV $20 – This share is great for those who occasional eat out. It’s a weekly pick up insuring fresh yummy produce throughout the season. It is a possible burden to pick up a smaller share weekly but you’ll find that unlike a bi-weekly share you avoid being inundated in the first week and needing to visit the Farmer’s Market or Grocery store during the 2nd week. This box is a great choice for 1-3 people often including 4-6 varieties.


Eggs! – $90 – AWV $4.5 There is limited quantity available. Dilish Farm is our new egg supplier, they took in our Wyandotte chickens and are excited to support out community in accessing healthy, delicious eggs! To serve and support as many CSA members possible the farm is offering Half Dozen weekly Egg add-ons to any of the above CSA options. That’s a weekly cost of $4.5! Such a deal for fresh, happy, pastured chicken eggs!

Mushrooms! – $80 – AWV $4 Graciously provided by Ash Tree Farms, Mushroom add-ons! Puhpowee! – that’s the  Potawatomi word for “the force which causes mushrooms to push up from the earth overnight” as Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in her book Braiding Sweetgrass, 2015. That’s a 1/4 pound of rotating varieties for just $3.75 a week!

Rabbit Meat – $10/Lb – Rabbit is often available in limited quantities. Please head over to the Rabbitry page to learn more about the freshest and cleanest meat. If interested please sign up to receive notifications that’ll keep you apprised of its availability.

The Deets

  • CSA Members will be invited to Farm tour days, volunteer opportunities, community potlucks and other events.
  • Weekly share pickup for 20 weeks June 1st – October 13th.
  • Shares are picked up at the following locations and times: 
    • Tuesdays between 3-6pm at various locations To Be Announced.
    • East Vancouver, Wa
    • Camas, Wa
    • North Portland, Or
    • North West Portland, Or
    • South East Portland, Or

The Small Print

  • Please make Checks payable to Good Rain Farm.
  • A member may cancel their Full Share upon written notice to x̌ast sq̓it / Good Rain Farm 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the Memberʼs term, June 1st.
    • Member will be assessed a $20 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs. Those using SNAP are exempt from this charge.
  • Shares are packed in 10 Gal. Rubbermaid tubs. Please return your box as you pick up the current weeks share so that we can reuse them.
    • Alternatively bring a reusable tote.
  • You are responsible to pick up your share. If you do not pick up your share and make no arrangements to have someone else pick it up for you then you forfeit your share that week and it will be donated to local charities. There is no refund for unclaimed shares.
  • Communication is big for x̌ast sq̓it / Good Rain Farm. Please contact with any concerns or suggestions that you have.