Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm is a form of financing and sharing risk for small local farms.

Financing: You and your fellow community members each pay in advance in essence creating many micro loans with no interest that help finance the farms expensive start of season needs. A farmers income has two severe highs and lows. In mid summer and early fall a farmer makes the bulk of their money and spends the least amount but puts in the most hours to keep the farm operational. In the winter and early spring the farm isn’t  earning any money and is supported by a dwindling savings that was generated earlier in the season.

Many small farms take out loans from banks to finance the cost of each new year’s efforts of buying seed, repairing machinery, etc. and hope to repay the bank by the end of each calendar year. By buying into a CSA share you not only make the farm more achievable and financially viable for the farmer you also help create a more realistic liveable wage for the farmer and lower produce costs for you and your community.

Risk: What’s this about sharing risk? Each year is unique and new. A farmer can make their best predictions and know from years of farming the same land what does well and where in the micro-climates of their acreage. But long heatwaves, early or late frosts, heavy rainfall can happen and take a crop or two with it. By buying a share and supporting a CSA you agree to help take on some of the risk of crop loss. But you’ve also helped the farmer plan very far in advance so that they can plant a variety of food options in case one fails another can fulfill the void. This allows the farmer to take on risk in stride and still ‘repay’ your investment in full by providing a plentiful and valuable CSA share.   

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