Supporting Business’

We couldn’t do what we love without the support from our community. These community members hold a special place in our hearts, as they have gone out of their way to connect with us, help us, and work with us. Together we aim to provide for this community; creating happy, healthy, thriving citizens.



Emily Penn of Good Medicine Nutrition: Emily is a holistic nutritionist and health coach based out of Camas. Her love of food started at a young age and evolved into a passion for health and healing through nutrition. She believes “tastes good” and “good for you” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. She received her Certification in Functional Nutrition through Portland Community College in 2017. Through her business, Good Medicine Nutrition, Emily offers personalized in-home meal prep, nutrition counseling, pantry clean outs and grocery store tours. Her goal is to empower people with all the tools they need to harness their most delicious and potent form of medicine – food.



The mushroom journey began with mushroom enthusiast, Michael Bandy, who decided to take his love of mushrooms a step further. Within a few months his basement was transformed into a fully operational mushroom farm. He pulled his friends into the excitement, Eli Browne and Timothy Connors. As they began to see the amazing possibilities that the love for mushrooms had opened up they jumped head first into the mushroom farm. They work tirelessly to research the most up to date methods as well as refining efficiency and equipment. They began by growing only oyster mushrooms on straw using pasteurization methods. Now they utilize five fully functional vintage autoclaves that we saved from OHSU and a boiler to run them that was once a central heating device for the Naval base in Astoria. With this vintage equipment they are now growing Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake and King Oyster along with their original staple, the Blue Oyster Mushroom.