Scholarship Fund

In keeping with the farms vision and mission it is exciting to put this idea out there.

Last year we put it out there and we received one full CSA purchase that was a donation share that we were able to use to support a Mother and her two children in need in our community. Unfortunately when we changed our pick up hours we lost one community member who couldn’t travel during those hours. They were gracious in giving up their share. Most recently I have meet a potential CSA member who also struggles with transportation. It is difficult for your farmer to find time to do door delivery, it cost time and money, taking your farmer away from necessary farm tasks. It’s difficult to find time to tackle all the tasks needing to get done on the farm to grow food for you all. Door Delivery may be a great candidate for volunteers to take on that’ll allow your farmer to focus on growing food, knowing that their community stepped up to support each other.

This year we will be asking folks to consider an additional one time donation to the Scholarship Fund. Through this we will be able to raise money and support those in help in our community. This fund will help pay for the CSA shares for those who need the support of door delivery or partial to full financial support. We want to nourish our community, with community members like yourself we can do that. Thank you.

Currently it is unknown how we’ll learn about and choose those to support. If it’ll be first come first served, word of mouth or through fellow non-profits in the community. Do we ask folx those prodding questions about income?  Sometimes it is those who aren’t in the income bracket but who are experiencing troubles who need assistance. Let me know your thoughts, ask the hard questions and help us as we navigate this challenging but invigorating leap into supporting our community.