How We Care

How We Care for Them

We raise our rabbits in both all wire cages in the Rabbitry located in the Barn and in ‘rabbit tractors’ out on the pasture. Rabbit Tractors are moved daily for access to fresh grazing and reduced the concentration of feces. The all wire cages allows us to reduce exposure to rotting wood, and resulting pests and fungus’s. It also makes for quick and easy removal of rabbit ‘fertilizer’. All maintaining healthy rabbits and healthy lineage lines. Once the kits (baby rabbits) are old enough and the weather is acceptable, kits and mother are moved out to pasture to graze and have more room to stretch their legs. Bucks are rotated out to pasture as well, though they are never housed together as they can fight with each other, causing sever wounds.



We feed our rabbits a combination of fresh weeds and excess produce from the farm, complete Organic nutritional pellets from Modesto and plenty of hay harvested from our cover crops each year. In turn their droppings are composted for the best fertilizer we could dream of for the produce we offer in our CSA.

Here’s a photo of Kiki the barn cat…sleeping in a very interesting location…




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