Harvest Moon Camp Out 2017


“A Call for Community”

This is a very important event for us, especially in light of the recent horrific events taking place around the country. One of our goals with this farm is to become a community resource, one that the most vulnerable populations in our communities can turn to for support. Please join us as we work towards making this possible!

Come join our 2nd work party of the year!
We will be doing general harvesting, building: a hoop house, seeding tables, washing station, also working on barn repairs, and tackling those pesky blackberries!

This time we are doing this camp out style! We encourage all to stay the night and sleep under the stars with us.

Please bring:
-camping supplies (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)
-two lunches for yourself (fridge available)
-one potluck item for shaing at dinner (snacks, drinks, and breakfast provided)
-games and things for night time fun
-any useful tools you may already have.

Please RSVP here.

Or send us an email at 50fiftyfarm@gmail.com




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