Farm Work Party & BBQ!

Two weeks ago we invited you all to come out and lend a hand in shaping and creating 50 Fifty Farm! It was a huge success and we had a blast! There is always more to do but we accomplished everything on our list for that day and that feels like a huge win. Thank you for all who came out and even to a few of those who couldn’t make it in person but still volunteered time helping create menu’s and locating supplies!

Together we built a 3 bin rotational compost bin to help build and reuse our farm soil and nutrients!

We assembled a Raspberry Trellis!

We removed dead and potentially diseased Arborvitaes from along the fence line.

And we started to hack back the invasive Blackberries!

Our BBQ was off the hook and well deserved! Consisting of chili lime corn on the cob, farm fresh radishes with butter and salt, a cabbage and bok choy coleslaw, and Veggie and steak skewers next to melons and home made popsicles served with sun tea! Super Yum!

It was a great day and I hope all our volunteers had as much fun and felt as much pride and accomplishment as we do! We keep coming up with new projects everyday, a potential 2nd work party later this summer? Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Our deepest gratitude to all those who believe in dreams!

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